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  • Last: Unlucky (Stephen McCorry) Now: Ain't No Rhyme (Jake Bugg) Next: IHO (Geneva AM)
  • Last: Unlucky (Stephen McCorry) Now: Ain't No Rhyme (Jake Bugg) Next: IHO (Geneva AM)
  • Last: Unlucky (Stephen McCorry) Now: Ain't No Rhyme (Jake Bugg) Next: IHO (Geneva AM)

Get Involved

Do you or your organisation have a great idea for a new show? Do you want to engage your community in your own language? Have you always dreamed of creating amazing podcasts and radio?

How can you get involved with Plains FM?

When you get work with and support Plains FM you are part of the (over) 40 year tradition of making content by, for, and about our communities!

  • Become a Plains FM content creator and create your own podcast/radio show.
  • Support local creators and sponsor a show
  • Advertise on Plains FM. Our advertising rates are super affordable and we can reach specific communities.

Why is Plains FM a great place to create content?

  • New broadcasters are trained to uphold the broadcasting standards and to create great content.
  • We have three studios full of professional gear, and if you want we will even show you how to use it!
  • We support our broadcasters by taking care of all the boring bits like uploading podcasts.
  • We are always here to troubleshoot problems, or bounce ideas off if you need extra help.

Sound good? Fill in an Airtime Application and get started.

Make Radio

We want to help bring your ideas to life!

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, Plains FM has space for everyone! We will support you in learning everything you need to know to start hosting your own show.

What happens next?

First, fill in our Airtime application form so we have more of an idea about what type of show you want to create.

One of Plains FM's friendly staff members will get in contact to organise a station visit and together we will come up with a plan for your training and show creation. 

What does the training involve? Is it all technical?

No! First, we will look at the Broadcasting Standards and how to construct a show. We do offer training on recording, editing and going live to air but if you need extra help you will be able to work with a producer.


Plains FM rates are heavily subsidised by New Zealand On Air but this funding does not cover all of the station's costs. For this reason, we charge the following airtime rates + a one-off training fee of $50.00 + GST.



Groups represented by Section 36C of the Broadcasting Act:  Women, children, youth, people with disabilities, minorities (including people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities) 

Sign in to our Plains FM Content Creator’s portal for how-to guides and extra info:

Plains FM Content Creator’s Portal


Advertising Options

Sponsor a show Advertise with us Make a donation

Ideas, Culture, Music
Plains FM96.9 is an independent, not-for-profit station providing diverse opinions, ideas, culture and music - all positive motivators.
We have many programmes made by and for the community, supplemented by a superb "adult alternative" playlist (world, Americana, Alt-folk, blues, soul, swing, kiwi) relevant and innovative talk programmes and a high profile as a successful community organisation.

Targeted Markets
Our diversity creates exciting niche audiences. Over 80 regularly scheduled programmes in 15 different languages.
You can target very specific sectors of the community and associate and align products and services to them.

Loyal and Active Listeners
The audience listens actively, paying close attention to "their” shows created for them by members of their communities.

A Powerful Community Brand
Plains FM96.9 is a brand reflecting informed comment, community development, diversity and loyalty. The station offers several opportunities to businesses interested in creating a brand definition with these attributes by associating with one of Canterbury's most successful independent, not-for-profit community media organisations.


Specifically targeted to defined niche audiences or run of station Plains FM96.9 will assist advertisers to reach attentive audiences. Advertising is limited so your message will stand out. Commercials can be translated into appropriate languages providing a powerful, peer-generated message. We also offer advertising opportunities on our website.
Staff can create an advertising campaign to suit your budget and target audience.
You may want to reach migrant communities, or youth, or people with disabilities…
You may want to reach a certain demographic or community of interest.
We can place ads around, or within, specified programmes or run of station.

Advertising rates vary depending on the duration of ads, the frequency of spots and the need for copy to be translated.

Spot rates for 30 second advertisements run-of-station in English are usually $20 plus GST and campaigns are tailored to suit your requirements and budget.
See our rate card.


Sponsorship is the easiest and most cost-effective way of advertising with Plains FM. It means you get to build a special relationship with a particular show on our station, with prominent mentions from the broadcaster, and other opportunities to promote your brand.

Sponsorship of a programme presented by a not-for-profit organisation is only $16+GST per 25 minute show or $32+GST per 55 minute show.

Sponsorship of all other programmes is only $21+GST per 25 minute show or $42+GST per 55 minute show.


Download the Plains FM rate card.

As Plains FM is a registered charity, the cost of sponsoring a show is a tax deduction for businesses. On top of that, it's seriously cost-effective.

There's also the fact that through sponsoring Plains FM, you’re helping support a vital community resource. Most of our dedicated volunteer broadcasters wouldn't have the resources to make radio for their communities without sponsors, and we thank you for it.

How it works

When you work with the management staff to sponsor a show with Plains FM, you receive:

  • A number of ads, which are played in the sponsored show. The number of ads depends on the show sponsored. For instance, a 25 minute show receives 4x30 second ads each time it airs. Ads are professionally produced in-house by Plains FM to specification, free of charge.
  • A number of ad-libs, which are prominent mentions of your organisation as the sponsor during the sponsored show - "this show is brought to you by..." "Thanks to our sponsor...", etc.
  • Your logo and a blurb explaining your business on the relevant programme page of our website. This logo can link back to your website, if applicable.
  • Once a year, we provide the opportunity for sponsors who have been with us more than six months the opportunity to be featured in our Sponsorship Spotlight. This promotion offers you extensive coverage, including a spot on the front page of the Plains FM website, coverage in our social media channels, and on-air promotion.

Bonus: On top of this, we’re prepared to offer extra advertising as a signing bonus if you sign for a six month (20 ads) or 12 month sponsorship (40 ads) to be used across our schedule during the sponsored period.

Talk to us today!

Contact us today to see how Plains FM can help your business be heard - email or call 03 365 7997 for a Plains FM Info Pack.


Make a Donation

Plains FM 96.9 is owned and governed by the Canterbury Communications Trust (CCT), a charitable organisation set up to develop and promote community access broadcasting in Canterbury.

Donations to the station are tax-deductible and will be used for a particular purpose like equipment, or to help ensure continued access to the powerful medium of radio for under-represented groups. You will help enable, foster and develop the communities with whom we work.

It’s easy to donate via our secure Give A Little page. Donate here

For further information please contact us.

Airtime Application 03 365 7997 154 Madras Street (on ARA campus)
   New Zealand
Proudly Funded by New Zealand On Air
Proudly Funded by New Zealand On Air