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Beyond Rhyme

Beyond Rhyme brings together poets from all backgrounds The idea is to share poetry in a safe environment and bring guests from around to give their original touch to poetry and get feedback in a safe environment.

All poems are original. The three presenters are Johnny, Eddy and Julie who share their ideas on poetry here.

Johnny :Poetry for me allows me to scratch down between the lines the spectrum  of emotions the reality of life brings.

Some lines give me refuge ,some provide escape,

Some are written with hope and ecstasy.

Some are written in disgust and disbelief.

But all support the world as I move through it.

EddyI found poetry a good way of expressing thoughts and ideas and feelings handwrite with a pen with  more feeling and thought and then type the poetry up.

Julie: Poetry is a magical art form that enables me to explore and have fun with language, while trying to make sense of my personal experienced and impressions of the world.

Writing poetry to me is about creating the possibility of connection with an audience, when

I am arranging some words on a piece of paper.

If you would like to be a guest or comment on the poets please contact Beyond Rhyme at

Follow us under Beyond Rhyme on Facebook and Instagram.

Beyond Rhyme is broadcast the second Saturday of the month at 9.00pm and can be downloaded on podcast at this site.

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