Presented by an enthusiastic team of Pacific women

The Voice of Pacific Women

The Voice of Pacific Women Network Group is made up of an enthusiastic team of Pacific women who are working together to promote good health and address other issues of importance to Pacific communities.

The Voice of Pacific Women first started broadcasting on Friday 20 October 2000 and the radio programme is still on air every Friday at 10am.  The original presenters were Guinevere Newport and Lupe Tuulua from Diabetes Life Education. Other Pacific women have come and gone over the years but currently in the fold are Terisa Tagikacibau, Kathy Palmer, Diane Fenika and Melissa Stanley.

This show aims to improve the health of Pacific people, specifically women, through promotion of healthy lifestyle messages with a focus on nutrition and physical activity.

Radio Programme Content:
- Word for Today
- Music
- Introductions & Run down of Program
- Music (dance – physical activity)
- Health Tip and Recipe
- Guest Speaker
- Music followed by dedications
- Success Stories

"We're very proud of the fact that the programme won an Achievement Award at a Plains FM Anniversary ceremony in 2001" Kathy Palmer, long-time presenter.

For further information please contact:
Community & Public Health
Phone: (03) 379 9480
PO Box 1475, Christchurch


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