'Democracy Now' Scheduling - Your Thoughts

'Democracy Now' Scheduling - Your Thoughts

Sep 29 2009

Recently, for a number of reasons, we made some scheduling changes to Democracy Now, including moving it to a 11pm slot. But we've also had a lot of feedback from listeners that this was too late. We have taken that on board and have come up with a suggestion, and we want your thoughts, especially Democracy Now listeners!

Our idea: Instead of playing it 5 days a week, Democracy Now would play twice a week at earlier times - Monday @ 9.30pm after Earthwise, followed by Bioneers, and Saturday evenings from 9pm before Ireland Calling.

Would this work for you? Do you like having it on 5 days a week, or would you prefer it earlier? We would love to hear what you think! Please get in touch with Lizzie Belcher with your feedback on (03) 365 7997 or lizzie@plainsfm.org.nz

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