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Forgotten Favourites

 In a time where music on the radio can often be repetitive and tiresome, Forgotten Favourites remembers a time when there used to be stronger musical variety. Some of the greatest songs have been left behind, and many notable tunes no longer get the airplay they deserve. Forgotten Favourites reintroduces these songs to the radio, re-exposing the airwaves to the golden music of the past.

Covering most (if not all) genres of music, Forgotten Favourites plays anything from pop to jazz, rock to ambient, and synthpop to ethnic. The focus of the show is to play the songs that have not had recognition in recent years. Some of the songs were big hits in their time, but have since been left behind in the shadow of more recent artists. Other songs were one-hit wonders, while the rest may not have got their time on the charts in the first place – any song with good substance will again have its chance on Forgotten Favourites.

With an interest in working in radio since 2001, Jared Rowbotham (a.k.a. Duckman) credits his parents and two older sisters for providing his upbringing with a brilliant soundtrack, fostering his love for great music that exists today. As the single host of the show Jared enjoys the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of each programme, knowing that the great music of the past is being enjoyed once again on Forgotten Favourites.   

First aired in May 2015, Forgotten Favourites continues to bless the airwaves with good sounds at 9pm on the last Saturday of each month. Tune in or subscribe to the podcasts below and be reminded what the good music of the 20 th century sounds like.  
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