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Jul 24 2014

Live streaming is back on track! Currently for access to our live stream these browsers will work for you - Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Apologies to Mac users -  you can only access podcasts not the live stream via this website at the moment.

However we are going to be working on that and we hope in the next few months to be able to provide everyone with a reliable feed. Being a not-for-profit it will require funding from friendly grants organisations - so wish us luck in that endeavour.

So far we'd like to say a big thankyou to Canterbury Community Trust for a donation towards a major IT upgrade in 2013-2014. That donation enabled our website dudes, Encode, to do 64 hours of development on our website's back-end, and to upgrade much of our IT infrastructure. We also switched our broadcast/scheduling software to Station Playlist which was a huge job and has involved every aspect of our operation from new workstations, servers, training staff and broadcasters, and integration into other station systems. 

We have a way to go still but it's all part of our goal to become the very best community access radio resource Canterbury and Christchurch could wish to have.

So - happy listening!






Jun 11 2014

Community groups do it! Individuals do it! Complete radio novices do it! Young and mature people do it! Anyone one can do it... so why not you!
Becoming a broadcaster can be more than just pursuing an interest, it can grow confidence, be a way to support a specific community, be a new exciting challenge, a way to educate, help increase self-esteem and most importantly... be great fun . Why not give Plains FM a call to find out more. Ph: 365 7997

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