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Mar 31 2015

This week we welcome two new additions to the PlainsFM family of programme makers and two returning broadcasters:

Jonathan Corfe returns as a broadcaster but with an entirely new show called "Writing The Bastard' which is part radio diary and part radio play. In mid-2014, Jonathan wrote a synopsis for a book named The Bastard about ordinary people committing acts of adultery, arson, fraud and betrayal. By early 2015 procrastination had got the better of Jonathan and The Bastard remained unwritten. Writing The Bastard is a show that forces Jonathan to write monthly chapters. Join him on the last Tuesday of each month at 10.30pm where he describes the process of forcing himself into writing the book and then adapts it into a radio play.

On Wednesday we feature a new music show called " Live n Local".

The idea behind 'Live n' Local' is to give Christchurch musical talent a bit more exposure. The show is a chance to hear the artist, live on the air and learn a little of what makes them tick!  'Live 'n Local' is a celebration of high calibre Canterbury music. 

Hosted by Cris Fulton, resident Scotsman with authentic accent, part time muzo, author and lead singer with Christchurch band Ruby Fusion.  Listen out for 'Live 'n Local' on Plains FM 96.9. every second Wednesday at 6pm.

We also welcome back Brodie Williams with his youth show "The Zone" now on at a new time of 5pm every Monday.

Also on Tuesday the latest batch of Media Comm students from Aoraki Polytech start their regular monthly broadcast "Plugged In With Aoraki" on the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm. Hear the news and views of Canterbury youth.

Mar 27 2015

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