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Jan 26 2015

Ever wondered where Led Zeppelin got ‘Nobody’s fault but mine’? Ever heard the Blind Willie Johnson version of it? 52 Shades of Blue will be a Blues Show that you can just kick back and relax to, as great new and old blues music will be played. 

Over the next 12 months there will be lots of great music to listen to, a bit of background provided on the musicians and their music (but not too much to distract you from the music and mood of the show), and some themed music programmes, but always the best of the blues.

David Woodings is a full time artist living in Christchurch. His interest in the blues goes back to the 70s when so much, in particular, British chart making, and radio making music had blues roots. His curiosity into going beyond the charts commenced then and has been life-long, and now he prefers to let the music speak to him, and that’s what he hopes 52 Shades of Blue will do for you.

And you can catch his show on Sunday evenings at 9 on Plains FM or flick his Facebook page a 'like' for more updates on the program.

Jan 20 2015

Tired of searching near and far for your favourite Plains FM programme? Plains FM has been in holiday mode with many of our broadcasters going on a break to soak up the sun and make the most of this great Kiwi summer.However we are excited to see many of our programmes returning in the New Year.

  TALOFA RADIO is back! The TALOFA RADIO team share news of happenings within the local Samoan community, music, news, talkback and interviews. They broadcast 2 days a week on Monday at 1pm and Saturday at 6am.  It’s great to see the team back and  connecting with the Samoan community in Canterbury.

  ANNETTE’S HEART OF THE COUNTRY is back for 2015 with an hour and a half of country music. Annette has been with Plains FM since 1997 and has been proactively promoting Kiwi artists who struggle to get commercial airplay. She also has a love of Irish country music which is reflected in the last half hour of her show with an ‘Irish Country Showcase’ dedicated to all of the great country artists coming out of Ireland. Be sure to tune in this Thursday from 4pm.

  RADIO RANGEELA is supported by the Indian Social and Cultural Club which has brought a range of programmes to Plains FM listeners for over 10 years. This programme highlights the wonderfully diverse cultures, music and languages of India and gives the Indian community in Canterbury a forum to connect and celebrate local people and events. RADIO RANGEELA prides itself on being a programme for everyone regardless of where you come from. Tune in to Plains FM every Thursday evening at 7.

  PENINA O SAMOA is a 4 hour Samoan show presented by fun-loving Tala Milo who has made quite a name for herself since beginning her show in 2009. Tala has interviewed a number of high profile people including famed sportsman Sonny Bill Williams and Samoa’s Prime Minister. Her show is full of features to keep you listening in through the night such as Interviews, guests, news bulletins from Samoa, music, sports, phone-ins and competitions. You can catch Tala back on PENINA O SAMOA on Friday nights from 8 on Plains FM

  BLESSED HOPE   as the name suggests, this show has Christian music and teachings with the goal of helping you discover the secret of happiness through Bible scripture. Its presenters aim to show how faith can lead to a healthier lifestyle each Sunday at 10:30am                                                                                                                                

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